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January 2016 Newsletter – Benefits of Dance


Dance is a beloved activity and entertainment for many, but you still may be asking what the draw is. Dance can be appealing for a variety of reasons, it can be a form of exercise, it helps balance and posture, it can be used as therapy, and it helps to get people working together.

Dance is used as a form of exercise, it definitely gets your heart rate up. You can get both aerobic and anaerobic exercise with dance. Whether it is performing a routine or just basic stretching and barre exercises, you can gain toned muscles and sometimes even weight loss while dancing.

While dancing, you can gain better posture and balance. The stretching and exercises involved with ballet and other dance promotes coordination, even for the most uncoordinated among us. Whether you are just starting dance or have been involved with it for 10 years, this is something that is continually improving.

Dance, most often ballet, can also be used as therapy. There is dance therapy available for a variety of conditions and diseases. From general anxiety to autism and Parkinson’s disease, ballet, with its repetitive nature and calming music, has had results with all types of patients.

Like any activity that involves others, dance can help children to learn how to work and relate to others. In dance, you definitely have to coordinate with others to make the routine to look good. Whether it is with the choreographer and instructor or fellow dancers, teamwork is definitely a must.

Dance can be so much more than just an after-school activity. It can be a true love that provides exercise, stress-relief, and much more. We have classes available for your children and a new adult classed starting Tuesdays from 9:30 – 10:30 AM January 31st. If you are interested in learning or to sign up for class check out our class schedule.

You can also support children in dance through the San Antonio Youth Ballet. Don’t forget to save the date May 4th for the Big Give SA.